If you have any questions or comments then please talk to any of the committee members or contact us on the Budbrooke PTA email address

Chair - Liz Appleyard

Hello, my name is Liz Appleyard and I am your Friends of Budbrooke chair.  My daughter Siobhan is in year 2 with Mrs James, and loves coming to this school.

I work part time at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, so can be found outside 2/1J on Mondays and Thursdays and Wednesday afternoons.  I am looking forward to chairing the PTA this year during what is going to be an exciting transition for the school and together I am sure we can find lots of ways to enrich our children's time at Budbrooke.


Vice Chair - Ian Broadbridge

Hi, my name is Ian Broadbridge and I'm the Vice Chair.  My son Alex is in year 2 with Miss Francis, he loves his school and his friends.

I'm ver excited how the school is groing and improving and am glad that the PTA is able to contribute to the school in a big way both socially and financially.  All I ask is that people "do their bit" after all, we all want the best for our children and the nice extras the PTA helps provide goes a long way.

Whether you give half an hour to run a stall, help with the coffee at a school function or simply attend an event - it all helps.

Please support us and more importantly your child


Treasurer - Karen Low

Hi, I’m Karen Low the Friends of Budbrooke PTA treasurer. 

My son Alexander (AJ) is in year 2, class 1/2F with Miss. Francis. I decided to take a career break from Management Accountancy when AJ started school, so I am pleased to continue with the role of Treasurer and put my previous experience to good use.  I hope we can build on what we achieved last year and get further momentum behind ‘Friends of Budbrooke PTA’ to enhance the children’s school experience by providing more of those “Wow Moments” that make school life fun and enjoyable. 

I drop off and pick up most days if you want to discuss any aspects of the group’s efforts or have any ideas you’d like to see happen, alternatively please email me at 


Secretary - Sarah James

Hello, I'm Sarah James the Friends of Budbrooke secretary.  My daughter, Hannah is in the same class (1/2F) as the two Alexanders.  Like the others, she is very happy at the school and says the thing she enjoys most at school is writing!  I also have a second daughter who is due to start at the school in September 2016.

I work four days a week as a product manager in the adult education sector. Unfortunately this means that the only day that I am guaranteed to be at normal school pick up unfortunately is Friday.  I believe that the purpose of the PTA should primarily be about ensuring that all of the children get as much as possible out of their time at the school.  It is such an exciting time for the school and I am pleased to be able to contribute in some way.