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Welcome to Cherry class' virtual learning area!  We will upload new home learning on this page every week.

Week Commencing Monday 13th July 

If this was a long distance race then we would now be on the home straight - the final sprint to the finish line! The end of term is nearly here and with just one week left to go we both know how hard it must be to stay motivated. We know that you are probably all feeling tired and ready for the summer break. You have been working really hard and we couldn't be more proud of you for showing reslience, determination and perseverance with your home learning.

So this week, we have tried to plan some really fun activities for the last week to keep your motivation going for the last stretch.  

The first activity we have set you is for you to be able to combine your writing and presentation skills with the knowledge of lifecycles that you have learnt in about in science, and a chance to develop your computing skills by writing, presenting/filming a documentary. You are a presenter of a new BBC documentary TV programme. You need to write a script about your chosen animal that documents its life cycle. You can then record your presentation using any technology you choose, if you don't have access to anything suitable then you can perform your presentation to your family. Remember to use any images, photos, diagrams etc that you think might be useful to your presentation. 

Over the last year we have learnt about lots of different grammatical terminology and we thought the last week would be a good opportunity to summarise this new learning so we would like to revise the year 5 grammar terms and come up with your own definitions and sentences. There is also a punctuation quiz for you to have a go at.  

The maths focus for this week is time and imperial and metric units of measure. You will revisit converting between centimetres and inches, pints and millilitres, kilograms and pounds, and pints and gallons. For lessons 3 and 4 you will recap units of time and the skills needed to read and interpret timetables.  

Our last PSHE lesson is focussing on the achievements that you have all made during year 5. This year will always be remembered at the strangest, most challenging year of your education but that doesn’t mean you haven’t made great achievements in your learning. We would like you to reflect on the time we did spend in school together as well as the time you have been learning at home, and to think about your best memories from your time in year 5. 

We have provided all of the links to the remaining chapters of Charlotte’s Web as some of you will be keen to finish listening to that.  Don't forget to watch the film too if you haven't done this already.

Finally, a big congratulations to Anish who has won this week's Golden Book Certificate for his fantastic homework this week. Also we would like to say well done to Harry who recevied an email to say his work for the Isolation Station competition was 'highly commended'. Well done to both of you!

Keep up the good work for a few more days, Cherry class! Have a great Summer holiday - you have earnt it! See you when you are back in September when you will be in Year 6!

Mrs James and Miss Woods smiley


Week Commencing Monday 6th July

Welcome to Week 16 of your home learning. You are nearly there, just two more weeks to go now until the summer holidays. Hopefully the weather will be sunny again so you can enjoy being outdoors. We are hoping that the rain stays away as both Miss Woods and Mrs James are having work done on their houses and gardens over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

We hope enjoyed the tasks we set you last week, including the special task from the United Nations! We are so excited to see the solutions you have come up with and seeing your super-minibeasts with the power to exterminate those pesky aphids.

Well done to those of you who have sent in your home learning work last week. For the Golden Book Certificate, we had to decide between Mia and Harry as both of them really impressed us with their work. However, we have decided to award the Harry as this week’s Golden Book Certificate winner because we have both been very impressed with his work for not only this week, but all of the work he has submitted each and every week to us during this half term. He has been very consistent in his determination to complete the activities we have set for home learning and has produced some fantastic pieces of work. Well done Harry! Who will receive the award next week? Don’t forget to upload one piece of work to our website or you can email to us on home@budbrooke.catschools.uk 

Now onto Week 16’s activities…

Take a look at the Week 16 Beast Creator home learning project document for information about all of the tasks we have set you for this week including, writing a non-chronological report about a minibeast, discussing how you can be a caring friend, learning about the life cycles of birds and finding out how you can use commas to convey meaning in your writing.

We have also added an additional science lesson relating specifically to our Beast Creator topic where you will need to identify a range of minibeasts from a local habitat using identification keys and learn the scientific categories for them.

For maths this week you will need to use a protractor and also use a mirror to complete the lesson on reflection.

As we have said before, we are both incredibly proud of you all and want you to keep trying your very best with your home learning. We are nearly there! The summer holidays are not far away now. Don’t give up – we know you can do this!

From Miss Woods and Mrs James 😊

Update 29.06.20 - a message from Mr Brereton with files uploaded below

Olymp-Mix Event 29th June -10th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

With the Olympics being moved to 2021 the CSW School Games Organisers wanted to give young people the Olympic experience.

They have selected 4 Olympics sports Football, Gymnastics, Athletics and Sitting Volleyball and have created age related challenges for all, supported by superstar athletes. Each sport has a challenge to complete and a support video showcasing an elite athlete.

The CSW Virtual Olymp-Mix is an opportunity for pupils to engage in competition at School and at home. All Competitions are open to pupils from Reception-KS4. 

The Olymp-Mix will go live on Monday 29th June at 9:45am with entries closing at 1pm on Friday 10th July. School Staff, Parents and Pupils will have 2 weeks to practice and complete the challenges and enter the competitions through the Survey Monkey link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWVirtualOlympics

Results will be announced on Monday 13th July via the @ThinkActiveCSW Twitter page at 1pm. Each competitor will receive an e-certificate and there is also a chance to win individual prizes and a prize for the school.

I have attached resources for you to use with your children at home. Alongside the sporting competitions there is also a School Games values competition, for Primary schools to design a flag where entries can be sent via – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWFlag

It would be great to see as many children in Team Budbrooke participating in the games and having fun. Even parents and other members of your household can take part!

Good luck and enjoy being active,

Mr Brereton


15.06.2020 - ****UPDATE****

We have uploaded intstructions on our class page today to help those of you who may be finding it difficult to upload your chosen piece of homework. 

Week commencing Monday 29th June

Welcome to week 15 of home learning, we hope you enjoyed the sunny weather recently and did lots of searching for bugs in your gardens.

It was great to see the fantastic work submitted this week. It was really hard to chose who we would award the ‘Golden Book Certificate’ to but we finally decided to award it this week to Ollie. We were very impressed with his cartoon of his mini beast and also all of the fantastic science work he has been doing. Well done Ollie. Who will be awarded the next certificate? Don’t forget to upload your homework on our website or email to us if you are finding it difficult to upload.

This week, we will be continuing our ‘Beast Creator’ theme and have decided to add some activities that we think you may enjoy that you can do in your garden or in an outdoor space.

To start with, The United Nations need your help! A super-strong aphid is currently destroying crops across the UK. The United Nations (UN) have decided to use selective breeding to create a super-minibeast that can exterminate these greedy aphids. You have been chosen to be members of the selective breeding team and tasked to create your own super beast in order to control or exterminate this outbreak. Can you use your scientific knowledge and your creative design skills to help the UN?

We have also taken the opportunity to give you a ‘Beast Creator’ science task this week as well as continuing our science lessons on animals and their habitats. Take a look at our home learning project page on below to find out all about these exciting activities.

For English this week, we would like you to write a fantasy story with the super-minibeast (which you have created for our United Nations challenge) as the main character. Write about the adventure your minibeast goes on in order to save the UK’s crops from the Super Aphids! We have uploaded a planning template to help you (see the home learning project page for this).

In maths, you will continue with the White Rose learning for the Summer Term Week 10 which focuses on helping you to learn how to use a protractor to measure and calculate angles. You will need a protractor to complete some of the activities this week. You also have a revision mat to complete to help to keep those maths skills and knowledge ticking over in your brain. We have also included an online game that will help you to practise estimating angles.

Don’t forget to complete the PHSE, guided reading, SPaG and the design and technology activities too this week. We know that some of you may be finding it hard to stay motivated to complete your school work, we just both ask that you continue to try your best. Don’t worry if you are finding things difficult, that is natural. Just try to do the activities you can and attempt to at least have a go at the ones you may find more challenging.

Keep preserving and continue to show the resilience you worked on building in last week’s PHSE lesson. Don’t give up! We are really looking forward to seeing your homework submissions.

From Miss Woods and Mrs James 😊

Week commencing 22nd June

Welcome to Week 14 of our home learning. We cannot believe that it has been 14 weeks since we last saw you but we know you are doing incredibly well in persevering with your home learning. We are really impressed with the work that has been submitted. 

Last week we set a challenge to see if you could beat Miss Woods’ limerick poem attempt which we sent in our email to you. Well, we are pleased to announce that Louie has definitely done this with his limerick about ants. We are sure you will agree, it was much better than Miss Woods’ attempt. Well done Louie. Here it is for you to read:

Ants in the Hill

There once was a little old hill

Where the ants had a fabulous grill

They ate and they ate

Until they became bait

All gone except for vegetarian Bill!

Well done Louie! A great poem. Don’t forget that from this week onwards, Miss Woods and Mrs James will be nominating one child every week to receive a Golden Certificate based on the home learning that is submitted. So it is even more important to upload the piece of work that you are most proud of by Friday in order to be in with a chance of receiving a Golden Certificate! We have uploaded a guide on our class page to help you to upload your work if you haven’t been able to do so yet. 

So, what have we got planned for you this week? Well for English, our learning continues with the poetry theme this week because we want you to write your own kenning poem. This type of poem only requires two words for each line, but there are certain structural requirements which you will need to consider. Don’t forget to upload it if you want to share it with us.

Maths continues with the White Rose Maths Summer term lessons. However, as White Rose are recapping decimals in lessons 1 and 2, we have alternative lessons for those two days. These two lessons will be focussing on reading and interpreting tables. The activities have been uploaded in our home learning project document but the lesson links are not available until Friday 19th June – we will upload these for you when we have them.

A note for parents: in the next few weeks our maths topic will turn to measuring angles and it would be really handy if your child had access to a protractor. We thought that by giving you a bit of warning it might mean that you have a better chance in sourcing one if you don’t already have one at home. Many thanks for your on-going support.  

For PSHE we are asking you to consider what it means to be resilient. We all need to find ways to develop our own resilience, particularly in times like these when we are facing new challenges and situations that we are not used to. This activity will hopefully provide you with some ideas as to how you can improve your own resilience.

In geography we want you to research deadly minibeasts and create a map of their habitat, we know lots of you are really enjoying our minibeast activities so hopefully this will be something you can get stuck into!

Your personal creativity is going to be really important this week for our art and design task. We would like you to create a mixed media collage using any resources that you have available at home. You can choose whatever materials you want, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, colours, textures and so on. The theme for your collage is ‘metamorphosis’ which is where an insect makes a transformation in two or more distinct phases (for example the lifecycle of a butterfly sees many stages before it is completed, eggs à larva à pupa à butterfly). We cannot wait to see what you design.

You will have had an email this week about the National School Sport Week activities that we will be doing at school and you can also do at home as part of the celebration. This is an opportunity to compete with your family or maybe have a virtual challenge with your friends and have some fun doing these activities. We have uploaded resources for you to use, including a simple competition instruction guide, activity challenges, scoresheets and certificates. 

Have a great week Cherry class! Keep up the good work!

Mrs James and Miss Woods J  smiley


Week commencing Monday 15th June

We are now in week 13 of our home learning and we have planned some fantastic things for you to do this week. We hoped you enjoyed the work we set last week and worked hard on completing the activities.

We were both incredibly impressed with the work that was sent in this week from Amy, Harry, Thomas and Cenzo. There was lots of creativity shown making dream catchers and there were some fantastic persuasive posters for bug hotels. Well done for all of the hard work you are all putting in.

We had a lovely email from Cenzo’s mum this week to tell us that he has won the opportunity for his poem that he wrote for the Isolation Station competition to be broadcast on the radio. His poem was excellent and very moving. We have uploaded it for you to read in the files section below. Well done Cenzo, we are very proud of you!

So what is in store for you all this week? Well we are continuing on with our topic ‘Beast Creator’ and want you to use look at the range of drawings by Charles Darwin to then create your own detailed drawing of a deadly bug. For computing, we want you to use your research skills to learn about deadly bugs on the internet and then to create your own Top Trumps card game using Powerpoint or other computing software or apps.

In English, we will be focussing on forms of poetry and this week we wold like you to find out all about Limericks and then to write your very own limerick about a bug. You will need to go through the Powerpoint lesson we have uploaded to help you and also you can take a look at some of the examples we have added to give you some ideas. We are really excited see your poems – can you make us laugh out loud with your limericks or impress us with your fantastic rhyming? Don’t forget to upload your poems to show us what you have done.

In maths, you will continue with the White Rose learning for the Summer Term but this week we will be doing the alternative lessons as we have already covered the work they have set on percentages and adding decimals. Therefore, this week we will be focusing on solving multi-step addition and subtraction problems, using and interpreting line graphs and drawing line graphs. Don’t forget you can still use BBC Bitesize as revision if you are finding something difficult.  The links for the alternative maths lessons (maths lesson links pdf) are uploaded seperately on our class page this week.

As part of our PHSE this week we would like you to create a poster to publicise the rules about staying safe when you are out and about. What rules would you need for a visit to the park, going to the supermarket, having a picnic outdoors, travelling on a bus etc? You can choose to create a poster for whatever setting you choose.

You may have heard the news about other year groups and when they are likely to now be returning to school. We both know that it is not easy keeping up with your home learning but we want you to know that, as always, we are very proud of you all and the effort you are putting in. We both miss you lots and we really do look forward each week to seeing what you have been up to at home with your home learning submissions.  Keep going Cherry class – you have got this!

From Miss Woods and Mrs James 😊

 Here are some useful websites to support your home learning or to look at in addition to your home learning:




GPS revision:



Mental maths


Use the following websites to practise your tables:




Decimals revision



Remember that keeping active is really important as well. Here is a link to a website with some ideas of games that you can try out in the garden: 


Once you've finished your book, think about reviewing it. These can be displayed in the library. The main features of a book review include:

1. A couple of sentences describing what the book is about.

2. Discuss what you particularly liked about the book. Focus on your thoughts and feelings about the story and the way it was told. You could try answering a couple of the following questions:

–Who was your favourite character, and why?

–Did the characters feel real to you?

–Did the story keep you guessing?

–What was your favourite part of the book, and why?

–Were certain types of scene written particularly well - for example sad scenes, tense scenes, mysterious ones...?

–Did the book make you laugh or cry?

–Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages?

3. Mention anything you disliked about the book. Talk about why you think it didn't work for you. For example:

–Did you wish the ending hadn't been a cliffhanger because you found it frustrating?

–Did you find it difficult to care about a main character, and could you work out why?

–Was the story too scary for your liking, or did it focus on a theme you didn't find interesting?

4. Round up your review. Summarise some of your thoughts on the book by suggesting the type of reader you'd recommend the book to. For example: younger readers, older readers, fans of relationship drama/mystery stories/comedy. Are there any books or series you would compare it to?

5. You can give the book a rating, for example a mark out of ten, if you like!


Some useful websites that provide great examples:



All the reviews on this website:


 have been written by children. CLICK on the book title to read the review.

If you would like to share your book review, not only with our school in the library, but also other children, send yours via email to helena@storyroom.co.uk where it will be published on the website.




Keep working hard Cherry class and remember to keep up the standard of work that you all achieve in class! 

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