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Chestnut- Year 3 & 4 2020 - 2021

Miss Osborn

Miss Osborn



Hello! Welcome to Chestnut Class 2020/2021

Here you will find uploads of the class work that is being completed at school. Attached below is the work from 02.09.20.












See you soon! Miss O :D





Update 14.07.2020

Please see the seperate document for the 4th maths lesson sheets for year 3. There is a mistake in the year 3 PDF for lesson 4. 


Summer 2, week 6 – final class page update 14.07.20

Hi Chestnut class, 

Can you believe we have reached the end of the year? Well done to you all on your home learning efforts. I can tell that there has been lots of hard work going on at home from the standard of homework that you have been submitting, it has all been fantastic. 

Your teachers have been busy producing a summer home learning sheet which will be made available by Mr McKee this week and gives some suggestions of things you can practise during the summer holidays if you get a little bit of spare time (there will be nothing to hand in and is only a suggestion if you have some spare time). 

It has been a pleasure reading and marking all of the homework that has come in. I am looking forward to seeing you all in school in September. 

I hope that you and your families have a safe and restful summer holidays. 

Mrs James đź™‚

Summer term 2, week 6 upload – 09.07.20

Hi Chestnut class,

We are nearly at the end of term, there are only 6 more school days until we break up for summer. I’m sure you are feeling tired and ready for a break but keep up the good work you are doing at home for just a few more days.

This is the last set of home learning that I will be uploading for you and whilst I won’t be opening up a homework folder next week for this work, I hope that some of you will come and show me some of your home learning from the last week in your home learning books once we return to school in September.

Enjoy the last week of learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, I have been learning about this period of history alongside you and have found this topic really interesting thanks to your wonderful homework submissions!

Here is a message from Miss Osborn about science activities to do at home:

Science at Home

A parent from school has suggested these fantastic videos for children to use science at home! Follow the link, where you can find videos for how to make your own bath bombs, lip balms and body scrubs. This is a fab way to use what you have at home to engage with science and it also has a maths link when measuring your ingredients! Why not have a go and upload a picture of your creation via School Spider? 

​Remember to ask an adult to help you when working in the kitchen and using a hot stove.



Finally here is the link to the next chapter of ‘Piggy Hero’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Un5DGcccAc

Come on Chestnut class, keep up that motivation for just a few more days!

Mrs James J


Update 06.07.20

I have uploaded the power point version of the years 2 and 3 PHSE 'Choices Everywhere' presentation as some of the text boxes were overlapped and therefore you were not able to read the text. 


Summer term 2, week 5 - Thursday 2nd July upload

Hello there Chestnut class,

I hope you are all okay and working hard for your adults at home. I have continued to be really impressed with the quality of work that is being submitted for homework. Let’s see who can impress me the most next week and be in with the chance of being awarded the Golden Certificate… We have 2 weeks of term left, so keep up all of the hard work you are doing at home and make sure you show that work off by uploading it as homework for me to see to.

Last week Mr Brereton sent out some information about a county wide Olympics challenge and I uploaded the resources you needed to take part in this on Monday. I hope you are all enjoying taking part in the activities that have been set. You have until next Friday to have a go at the activities and submit your results. There is also a flag competition which you can take part in if you wish.

Here is the link to Miss Osborn reading the next chapter of ‘Piggy Hero’ for those of you who would like to finish listening to your last class text: https://youtu.be/QcGzwnGRIsU

I look forward to seeing lots of excellent pieces of homework on Monday, keep up the good work Chestnut class.

Mrs James J

Here is a note from Mr Brereton about National Sports Week which some of you may have taken part in a few week ago:

National School Sport Week June 20-26th 2020


Well done to all those who took part in National School Sport Week. It was great to see so many children at Budbrooke Primary School being active and challenging themselves to achieve their personal bests. I’m sure it was the same for all those who participated at home.


The activities included challenges such as moving items with your feet, hopping to different points of the star, jumping your height, using your memory to remember items, throwing items into a target and running to cones in a set time. The challenges tested all of your sporting skills!


I have collated all of the scores and the final results are…..




Overall Score


1097 pts


1008 pts


1079 pts


Congratulations to Moore house for being the overall winners.

Sporting Challenge









Star Challenge




Jump My Height




Mighty Memory




Flying High




Pot of Gold




Run the Rainbow





Well done,

Keep enjoying being active,

Mr Brereton

Update 29.06.20 - a message from Mr Brereton with files uploaded below

Olymp-Mix Event 29th June -10th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

With the Olympics being moved to 2021 the CSW School Games Organisers wanted to give young people the Olympic experience.

They have selected 4 Olympics sports Football, Gymnastics, Athletics and Sitting Volleyball and have created age related challenges for all, supported by superstar athletes. Each sport has a challenge to complete and a support video showcasing an elite athlete.

The CSW Virtual Olymp-Mix is an opportunity for pupils to engage in competition at School and at home. All Competitions are open to pupils from Reception-KS4. 

The Olymp-Mix will go live on Monday 29th June at 9:45am with entries closing at 1pm on Friday 10th July. School Staff, Parents and Pupils will have 2 weeks to practice and complete the challenges and enter the competitions through the Survey Monkey link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWVirtualOlympics

Results will be announced on Monday 13th July via the @ThinkActiveCSW Twitter page at 1pm. Each competitor will receive an e-certificate and there is also a chance to win individual prizes and a prize for the school.

I have attached resources for you to use with your children at home. Alongside the sporting competitions there is also a School Games values competition, for Primary schools to design a flag where entries can be sent via – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWFlag

It would be great to see as many children in Team Budbrooke participating in the games and having fun. Even parents and other members of your household can take part!

Good luck and enjoy being active,

Mr Brereton

Summer term 2, week 4 - Thursday 25.06.20 upload

Hi Chestnut class,

Have you enjoyed the sunshine this week? It’s been much better than the rain hasn’t it!

Once again, I have been really impressed with the quality of homework that I have marked. I have had such a range; Scout’s work, information sheets about fishing trips, archaeology information posters and happiness poems. It has been so interesting to read! Keep uploading your homework Chestnut class, I am really enjoying marking them and seeing what you’re getting up to at home. Remember, you may also be chosen for a Golden Certificate!

Your new class text for this half term is called ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King. So far you have read or listened up to chapter 3 so will already have a good idea about the story line. The main character Barney finds an old, dilapidated hut whilst out exploring. In the hut he makes an exciting discovery and finds a cave man! The story describes the blossoming friendship between Barney and Stig, and the adventures they get up to. I hope you enjoy listening to or reading this story and broaden your understanding of it through the Guided Reading questions that your class teachers are setting for you each week.

For those of you who wish to continue listening to your last class text, Piggy Hero, here is the link to Miss Osborn reading the next chapter: https://youtu.be/6HhY7_cfaXI. There are no activities linked to this, this is just for those who wish to finish the book. 

Note for year 3 parents: your child will need a ruler to be able to complete some of their maths activity sheets this week.

Note for year 4 parents: this week’s PSHE for year 4 is looking at human reproduction so it would be worth while viewing the lesson presentation and activities before giving them to your child.

Keep up the good work Chestnut class J

Mrs James

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