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Miss Carroll

Miss Carroll

RESULTS of National School Sport Week June 20-26th 2020

Well done to all those who took part in National School Sport Week. It was great to see so many children at Budbrooke Primary School being active and challenging themselves to achieve their personal bests. I’m sure it was the same for all those who participated at home.


The activities included challenges such as moving items with your feet, hopping to different points of the star, jumping your height, using your memory to remember items, throwing items into a target and running to cones in a set time. The challenges tested all of your sporting skills!

I have collated all of the scores and the final results are…..


Overall Score


1097 pts


1008 pts


1079 pts

Congratulations to Moore house for being the overall winners.

Sporting Challenge









Star Challenge




Jump My Height




Mighty Memory




Flying High




Pot of Gold




Run the Rainbow





Well done,

Keep enjoying being active,

Mr Brereton



15.06.2020 - ****UPDATE****

We have uploaded intstructions on our class page today to help those of you who may be finding it difficult to upload your chosen piece of homework. 

* See below note from Mr Brereton

Olymp-Mix Event 29th June -10th  July 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

With the Olympics being moved to 2021 the CSW School Games Organisers wanted to give young people the Olympic experience.

 They have selected 4 Olympics sports Football, Gymnastics, Athletics and Sitting Volleyball and have created age related challenges for all, supported by superstar athletes. Each sport has a challenge to complete and a support video showcasing an elite athlete.

The CSW Virtual Olymp-Mix is an opportunity for pupils to engage in competition at School and at home. All Competitions are open to pupils from Reception-KS4. All the information needed to take part is attached to this e-mail as a PDF.

 The Olymp-Mix will go live on Monday 29th June at 9:45am with entries closing at 1pm on Friday 10th July. School Staff, Parents and Pupils will have 2 weeks to practice and complete the challenges and enter the competitions through the Survey Monkey link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWVirtualOlympics

 Results will be announced on Monday 13th July via the @ThinkActiveCSW Twitter page at 1pm. Each competitor will receive an e-certificate and there is also a chance to win individual prizes and a prize for the school.

I have attached resources for you to use with your children at home. Alongside the sporting competitions there is also a School Games values competition, for Primary schools to design a flag where entries can be sent via – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CSWFlag 

It would be great to see as many children in Team Budbrooke participating in the games and having fun. Even parents and other members of your household can take part!

Good luck and enjoy being active,

Mr Brereton

WEEK 13:15th - 19th June

Good afternoon Elm class.

Hello all,

This week the writing competition winners were announced and it has been fantastic to see so many children from Budbrooke participated! 

Congratulations to Meg and Bradley for winning and I also would like to say a huge well done for all of your fantastic entries! 

Lots of you are continuing to work hard at home and I know Mrs Montgomery has been super pleased with the work that has been sent in for homework. 

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to street detectives. Next week we will be looking at a new text and linking it in with both our English and topic work. 

I hope to see you very soon! 

Best wishes, 

Miss Carroll. 

*Please see below a note from Mr Brereton

Hello all,

It is great to see that children from Budbrooke have been taking part in the School Games Virtual  Competition. There has so far been an athletics, cricket, tennis, tennis and a dance challenge.

Congratulations to all those from Team Budbrooke who have taken part  for all their tremendous efforts and personal bests. 


I have now received information about the next CSW School Games Virtual Basketball Competition which will take place during the week beginning June 15th  with a deadline of June 19th. 

Please see the attached information for how to compete and how to enter the competition along with details about prizes you could win. It would be super to see as many as possible from Team Budbrooke having a go.

Enjoy the challenge,

Mr Brereton


Summer Week 2 8th - 12th June

Good afternoon Elm class, 

I hope you are all well and are continuing to enjoy the home learning tasks. It has been lovely to see lots of you this week and hopefully those who are not in school can stay in touch through the website. This week has been our last on beachcombers and next week we will be moving on to a new topic of street detectives! 

You will find that we have planned lots of exciting tasks to help introduce you to the topic. Remember to challenge yourself and use a range of literate features in your work! 

Keep making me proud and remember you can send any questions to the school email. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and I can’t wait to see your beachcombers work! Well done for completing this topic! Get tour detective hats on and have fun! 

Best wishes, 

Miss Carroll. 


Week 11: 1st June - 5th June 

Hello Elm Class, 

We are now into our third month of working from home and it seems like a very long time since we were all learning together! Luckily, lots of you have been sharing your work with me and making comments on school spider which is great as we can communicate and share fun ideas! 

This week your home learning tasks are very exciting! We have had a message in a bottle delivered, can you write a response?  Our new book this month is Flotsam - an exciting picture book! For week 11 & 12 you will find lots of Vipers related tasks. Hermit crab needs help, can you build him a new house? 

Remember to prioritise your maths and english first and then move onto the topic related tasks after. Also remember to make the most of the outdoors this week and keep active whilst developing your key skills. 

Keep working hard and making me proud! Hopefully, I wil see lots of you very soon! 

Miss Carroll.



Week 10 : 25th May – 29th May

Hello Elm class,

What a wonderful week of sunshine we have had! I hope this has helped lots of you use your imagination when completing your beach themed activities. Sammy seagulls posters will be coming in handy and helping us keep safe won’t they?

Remember that moving forward the focus is to complete the core subjects (English, maths, reading, spelling/ phonics) and then when and if you feel ready, challenge yourself with the fun and engaging topic based activities.  The homelearning tasks includes activities such as writing a post card, writing a song, design and make some rock art, create your own ice cream and even make a DIY Sharknado! I look forward to seeing your creations!

I have also uploaded each individual maths lesson worksheet. Remember to challenge yourself to complete the four lessons per week and to use the whiterose website to work through videos and activities if you are unsure on how to complete the questions. I know lots of people have been engaging with these tasks which is fantastic for when we return to school.

Thanks again for those children who have completed the homework task. This weeks has now been set! I hope you have fun getting creative!

Remember to stay active during this time, I have challenged myself with a workout each day and already I feel so much better for it! Remember to try some Joe Wicks Pe, Yoga or dancing with Oti if you are struggling for ideas. I have also attached an extra activities document to the class files for you to use. There are some great PE activities on there too!

Have fun, work hard and stay safe!

Miss CarrollJ


Week 9 : 18th May - 22nd May 

Hello Elm class, 

I hope you are all working through your home tasks and enjoying the homework tasks that we have set. It has been lovely to see such fantastic pieces from most of you and you should all aim to continue to work hard!

This week we would like you to prioritise the core subjects such as english, maths and reading. Once you have completed these tasks, it is then up to you to choose from the selction of topic tasks.  

If you have completed the Snail and the Whale powerpoint questions then I have now uploaded a comprehension sheet for you to complete. Remember to explain your answers and if you can provide evidence to support your answer then even better!!!

I have uploaded the individual maths lesson worksheets for each year group. Remember to challenge yourself to complete all four throughout the week. 

I hope that year ones have been enjoying the phonics lessons and are finding that they are helping with reading and writing lots! 

Hope to see you very soon, stay safe, have fun and learn lots! 

Miss Carroll:) 



Week 8 : 11th May – 15th May

Hello Elm class,

I hope you are all staying safe whilst keeping busy and having fun. Lots of you have started to share your fantastic work and I am very proud of the level of care you have all shown. I know some people have been sharing work with their friends which is a lovely idea and allows you to see the ways that different people work.

This week we want you to have fun in the sun whilst staying safe and helping Sammy Seagull. He needs your help to design a beach safety poster and would like you to get creative with your seaside jar and flip book. He also needs you to help locate different beaches on a map so that he can decide his destination.

Remember to try your best, have a go at each activity and be proud of your presentation. You can also follow your own interests and go on your own learning journey. 

It is really nice to see how many of you have been completing the maths white rose daily lessons alongside your daily activities. Maths is fantastic and is something you will use all the time.

Here is a reminder of the link;


 I am proud of those children who have continued to show excellent dedication in their work and have found that many of you have really enjoyed the Snail and the Whale tasks. Keep going and remember to challenge yourself when choosing books to read.

Next week (week 9) we will be creating our own desert island using junk modelling so start saving your recycling so you can have the equipment ready. 

For year 1’s there is also a useful link to phonics – this will allow you to take part in daily phonics lessons which are fun and a great way of you practicing things that we have already covered.

Here is the link for phonics;



Stay safe and continue to work hard! I am very proud of you all!

Miss Carroll :) 

Week 7:  4th – 8th May

Hello Elm class.

I hope you are all well and keeping busy whilst completing work and having fun! I am very excited to explore your blue books with the class. This week, I have had a small insight into the range of work that some of you have been completing and so far it looks fantastic! I am very proud of the level of care you have been showing and would love for you to continue to develop and perfect many skills at home.

It is VE Day (Victory in Europe) on Friday 8th May. This is a very important day for many people and so I have included lots of exciting VE Day related activities to remember the important historical anniversary when the world emerged from a difficult time.

I have tried to reduce the amount of worksheets this week to avoid any excessive printing. The PDFs attached at the bottom of the page link to the VE Day activities and your home learning task has everything else.

I have now completed the Snail and the Whale guided reading tasks- which you will also find at the bottom. There are plenty of videos for the children to watch and I have attached a link to a short film based on this story. Again I have uploaded a video of myself sharing this text which you can also find below.

Remember there is still time to enter the creative writing Isolation Station competition. It will be judged by a member of the National Literacy Trust and the winner will have their work read out on air!

There are also links below to English and Maths activity sites that you may find useful:


Talk for writing booklets for each year group:


Authorfy daily 10 minute challenges set by authors and illustrators:


Pobble 365 picture inspiration with inference questions, story starters and sentence level work:


White Rose maths:


Here is the link to all of the A-Z challenges so far http://www.thinkactive.org/wethinkactive/kids-active-learning/a-z-challenge/

Week 6 : 27th - 1st May

Hello Elm class, I hope you are all well and enjoyed Easter with your families. This week we will be exploring a new topic - Beachcombers. This week is a chance for you to explore and research the new topic. What interesting facts can you find out?

There is also a very exciting competition for you to complete if you are interested. There's an opportunity to write a creative piece and send off to a radio station for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. The pdf with all the information is saved in the files below.

I have attached your home learning tasks on the A4 sheet, here you will find lots of topic-based activities for you to complete. You will find engaging English, Science, Art and Design and PE activities on here. For maths, we would like you to continue working through the time's table packs and also the Maths mastery year 1/2 lessons. Have you completed any of the Nrich maths challenges yet? 

Once you have completed the week 5 Katie in London tasks for guided reading, you will be able to access our new class text- via the YouTube link. Our new book is Snail and the Whale and I will share the link and questions with you later this week!

Keep up the hard work and remember to focus on your spellings, handwriting
and grammar. I am looking forward to seeing your fantastic work when we return to school.

Miss J Carroll





Week beginning 13th April onwards (week 4 & 5)

Happy Easter everybody!

As we are now in our Easter holidays I have planned some eggciting Easter tasks for you to complete!   I hope you are all well and are enjoying Easter time at home. I am finding an empty house with no children very strange when I normally have 30!

I have now uploaded some new tasks for you to complete in the files below. There are lots of Maths, English, Reading and Art & Craft activities for you to work on. Choose a selection of tasks that engage you and remember to put any evidence in your blue books. Please remember the standards you are capable of achieving in class, it should be the same at home. 

We can carry on with the Katie in London guided reading after the Easter break and so I will update the slides for you on week 6. I am really looking forward to having you all back in class and sharing our work together so make sure you are trying your best and thinking about your audience at all times.

As you know I like to make sure you are being active and so I thought we could give Zumba a go this week! Zumba! Use the following website to have a go at this fun and energetic form of exercise! https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/turn

Remember our 3 rules and enjoy a little chocolate whilst completing your tasks!


Week 3: 6th April - 10th April

Hello Elm class, I hope you are all keeping busy and safe whilst enjoying your home learning tasks.

I have now added a year 1 maths booklet and your new home learning tasks for week 3!. 

Year 2's, you can carry on with your maths booklet and we will send a new one home next week.

Remember to stay active whilst producing the fantastic work I know you are capable of. I am looking forward to seeing your fantastic blue books when we return to school! I have now uploaded your guided reading questions that you can open and either print off the slides (just like we do in class), or alternatively, write both the questions and answers out in your blue books. I have uploaded a video of myself reading Katie in London  - please follow the link below. 




I have also uploaded a year 1 and 2 times table book that you can be working through during your maths lessons at home. 

Miss C yes



Week 2: 30th March - 3rd April

I hope you're all getting on well and enjoying your home learning tasks. I have now attached week 2 tasks to keep you extra busy! 

From Monday 23rd March, please begin the home learning tasks that I have sent home. I will upload new homework sheets here, every week (See Files to Download section below)

Here are some useful websites, that you may like to use at home:





https://www.twinkl.co.uk/    Year 1 & 2 Maths Mats


Spellings and Grammar



Free to sign up to.

Username: march20

Password: home

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ (free to sign up to) Year 1 and 2 SPAG mats







Choose an engaging picture and answer the inference questions that you will find below each picture.  


This website allows you to explore lots of different images and answer questions as well as practicing your sentence structure.


Complete the weekly 60 second reads,

Week 1- A pirates life for me. 

Read your own selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books.

Once you've finished your school book, think about reviewing it. These can be displayed in the library. The main features of a book review include:

1. A couple of sentences describing what the book is about.

2. Discuss what you particularly liked about the book. Focus on your thoughts and feelings about the story and the way it was told. You could try answering a couple of the following questions:

–Who was your favourite character, and why?

–Did the characters feel real to you?

–Did the story keep you guessing?

–What was your favourite part of the book, and why?

–Were certain types of scenes written particularly well - for example sad scenes, tense scenes, mysterious ones...?

–Did the book make you laugh or cry?

–Did the story grip you and keep you turning the pages?

3. Mention anything you disliked about the book. Talk about why you think it didn't work for you. For example:

–Did you wish the ending hadn't been a cliffhanger because you found it frustrating?

–Did you find it difficult to care about a main character, and could you work out why?

–Was the story too scary for your liking, or did it focus on a theme you didn't find interesting?

4. Round up your review. Summarise some of your thoughts on the book by suggesting the type of reader you'd recommend the book to. For example: younger readers, older readers, fans of relationship drama/mystery stories/comedy. Are there any books or series you would compare it to?

5. You can give the book a rating, for example a mark out of ten, if you like!


We also want to make sure you keep healthy and feed your brain to prepare yourself for your daily home learning tasks. These websites will allow you to keep fit and enjoy different games/ workouts whilst being indoors. 




Please remember the standards you are capable of achieving in class, it should be the same at home. If you need to record your work, either use your new homework book or paper.

Stay positive and remember our three important Elm class rules; 

1) Stay safe! 

2) Learn lots! 

3) Have fun! 

I am looking forward to seeing all your fantastic work and sharing lots of stories when we are all back together, Miss Carrollsmiley

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