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Well Being Ambassadors / School Sport 2020 - 2021

Mr Brereton

Mr Brereton

Update 27.01.21

Hello Active/Sports fans,

Please find below information about:

  • #CWHealthySelfie CAMPAIGN FEBRUARY 2021
  • A-Z Active Challenge J-L
  • Chance to be part of an online world record!
  • Well Being Ambassador's Spring Challenge


Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership are super excited to be launching their #CWHealthySelfie campaign which is running throughout February. They are encouraging people to upload a photo or video of themselves doing something which helps with their health and wellbeing. This could be an individual selfie, with their class bubble (including staff!) or with their household. (Please follow government guidelines).
This video https://youtu.be/PcjKNx2zEPI and the attached flyers show ideas of activities people could do eg. walking, playing board games, colouring, sea swimming, having a healthy meal. 
Posts to twitter should tag @CWSchoolSport #CWHealthySelfie #GoTeamCW
Posts to Facebook should tag Central Warwickshire Sports Partnership #CWHeathySelfie #GoTeamCW
It will be great to see as many children from Budbrooke taking part.
At the beginning of March posts with the correct tags will also be entered into a prize draw to win one of 2 £10 amazon vouchers (one prize for solo selfie and one for group selfie i.e. bubble/household).

A-Z Sports Challenge J-L

The A-Z sports challenge is back and can be completed by children at school or at home. Why not have a go at these exciting activities/ Can you beat your personal best? 

There will be more challenges next week!


A football chain world record is currently trying to be achieved. If you want to be involved, please watch this link https://fb.watch/3gYsHqzNkb/ 

Well Being Ambassador's Spring Challenge

Budbrooke's Well Being Ambassadors have been challenged to set up activities to improve health and well being. They will be organising a Well Being Journey which will include different activities beginning with the letters in 'Well-Being'.

Watch this space for more details! 

Active Home Links/resources

For information about the many ways you can be active at home, please find the links and useful resources in the files at the bottom of the page. They include Real PE at Home (children have login details already), Youth Sport Trust 60 second challenges, Youth Sport trust After School clubs, Joe Wicks workout among many more. 

Active fun for all the family!

Enjoy being active :) 

Online Chance to Shine Cricket session - 

This week’s session will be on Wednesday 27 January at 2-2.45PM. It will be a Super Striker session, improving pupils' ball-striking skills.

The activities can be completed indoors and to take part you will need:

  • Something to hit with, like a bat, a frying pan or a hardback book

  • 4 items to use as targets, something that won't break like plastic cups or empty tubs

  • A ball or a rolled up pair of socks

  • A wall to rebound your ball against with safe space around it

This week’s session will also feature the opportunity to do some pairs work as well if there is another person to do so with (but this isn’t a requirement and the activities can all be completed solo).

The session will be streamed on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/btflr02RzmE.


More Useful Active Links:

Please find below more links to activities you can have a go at at home.

Youth Sport Trust Activity Cards https://www.youthsporttrust.org/free-resources

YST's after school club videos from 2020 are also available on their YouTube channel

King Edward Sports Partnership which are accessible to everyone 

Primary https://www.kessp.com/page/?title=PE+at+Home&pid=45

Olympic R​esources https://www.getset.co.uk/resources


Commonwealth Daily Mile https://www.birmingham2022.com/united/community-projects/the-daily-mile-commonwealth-challenge/


Well Being Ambassadors

Autumn Challenge

Budbrooke's Well-Being Ambassadors - Ellen, Mia (Yr6) and Alfie, Rehan, Lucy, Lillibee (Yr 5) have been given the task to plan and deliver a variety of well-being activities to help the children and teachers have fun, be active and understand the benefits of social, emotional and physical well-being. They will then be able to present their project to all the Well-Being Ambassadors in the Central Warwickshire region.

The children and teachers across the phase bubbles at Budbrooke will be completing these activities in school but children and adults can also have a go at them at home.

The active activities are....


  1. Daily Exercises- see attached video and poster.

You can upload photos of families doing the exercises to the Well Being Ambassadors/School Sport page on the school website.

  1. Marathon Kids/Daily Mile.


You can go out for a run/brisk jog or walk around your local area and then either see how long it takes you to run a mile or set up a circuit and see how many laps you can do.  You can then see if you can beat your personal best each time.


Many thanks and enjoy being active 😊


Mr Brereton


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