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Mr Brereton

Mr Brereton

Sports Update 15.07.21

Budbrooke Sports Day 2021 update

In what has been a different format to usual, all the children can be very proud of their efforts and achievements at the Budbrooke Olympics and made it a fantastic sports week.

Olympic sports from Tokyo and the School Games values were the theme for this year’s sports day. Each class chose a different sport and found out how to play them and researched facts about the sport. They then combined them with the school games values (Determination, Honesty, Passion, Team work, Self belief and Respect) to create a banner and a chant to perform for the opening ceremony video for parents.

Each phase group then held their sports day races, which for Reception and KS1 included sprinting, skipping, egg and spoon, hopping, obstacle and relay and for KS2 involved shuttle running, skipping, sprints, hurdles, obstacle, 600m and the team relays. After the track events there were a variety of sporting activities for the children to participate in during the round robin events and the children could take part in new sports throughout the week such as Goal Ball and New Age Kurling. The children were all awarded a medal and a certificate kindly provided by Wadsworths Solicitors who were sponsoring the event.

Final House Results

Phase Group




















Overall Team Total





Mr Brereton said: “It was a great day of celebrating all the children’s sporting prowess. We found out about lots of new sports and all the children demonstrated the school games values in the different sporting events. They were all enthusiastic and keen to beat their personal best.  Thanks must go to Wadsworths Solicitors for providing the fantastic medals and certificates, for the staff for running and recording the phase events and sporting opportunities and for Mrs Smith for creating the Facebook content. It was a very enjoyable sporting week.”

Well Being Ambassadors

Well done to the Year 5/6 Budbrooke Well Being Ambassadors for organising lots of inspiring activities this year for the school to take part in. 

Rehan, Lillibee, Lucy, Alfie, Ellen and Mia, who have encouraged lots of children at Budbrooke to be active at school and at home, have been awarded Well Being Ambassadors medals and certificates.

They worked as a team to create posters and videos to promote the events throughout the year such as the Budbrooke Mile, Budbrooke Workout, Active April, the Well-Being Journey and their Bowls Challenge.

Mr Brereton said: “Congratulations to all the Well Being Ambassadors this year. They deserve their medals and certificates for encouraging and inspiring children to take part in lots of exciting games and giving them lots of opportunities to have fun and be active.” 

With the Commonwealth Bowls competition coming to Leamington next year, the Well Being Ambassadors set up “The Bowls Challenge” competition at school. This included a wordsearch, a creative kit design competition, a practical target and aim challenge and they also designed their own acrostic poem competition with prizes available.

Prizes have been awarded for the following:

The winners are:

KS1 Bowls team kit design: Lily (Year 1)

KS2 Bowls team kit design: Lois (Year3)

Bowls acrostic poem challenge: Amy (Year 1)

Congratulations to these children and well done to everyone who took part.


Euro 2020 Football Coaching at Budbrooke

Football coaches from Leamington FC visited Budbrooke this week to lead a Euro 2020 inspired session for years 5 & 6.

Mark Fogarty, who has the responsibility for overseeing the Leamington FC Academy, and his inspirational son, Charlie who holds an MBE, organised exciting skill based drills and short matches for the children to enjoy.

Charlie, who suffered a brain injury after a car accident, spoke to the children about his recovery and how he was determined to continue playing football. He has represented West Midlands Centre of Excellence cerebral palsy team and has played in the Cerebral Palsy World Cup.

“It was fantastic to see all the children in year 5 & 6 having the opportunity to learn new skills and play football. With England performing so well in Euro 2020 it has clearly inspired the children and it was great to see the children learning and performing new footballing tricks. Thank you to Mark and Charlie for delivering the fun sessions.”

You can read about Charlie’s story at https://www.charliefogarty.co.uk/index.php


YouSkip Award  June 7th -18th

Budbrooke has been awarded with the YouSkip Festival Mark GOLD !!!

Well done to all the children, school staff and families for completing the two weeks of fun skipping challenges. It was a great team event and amazing to see so many children skipping and carrying on developing their skills at playtimes and at home. As a gold school Budbrooke will now be added into the county draw where one lucky school will win a day with 'Dan the Skipping Man'. Fingers crossed that Budbrooke gets the chance to show Dan our wonderful skipping skills.

CSW Spring/Summer School Games Results

Team Budbrooke has achieved great success in the CSW Spring/Summer School Games cup stacking, run the distance and ball skills competitions.

In the Central Warwickshire area there were 26 primary schools in taking part which totalled 3,500 children.

Year 3/4 finished 3rd overall in the run the distance event, with Budbrooke A finishing in 2nd place for both the Year 3 and Year 4 events.

Budbrooke A team also finished in 2nd place in the Year 5/6 ball skills event.

Mr Brereton said: “Well done to all the children at Budbrooke who took part in CSW School Games competitions of cup stacking, run the distance and ball skills. It is great to see so many children from Budbrooke and local schools being active, representing the school and having fun!”


Central Warwickshire Top 3 teams

Team going through to County Finals (This team will also be classed as finishing in joint first place for Central Warwickshire)


1st – Clapham

2nd – St Lawrence

3rd -  St Augustine’s


Speed Stacking (Year 1/2)

1st – Emscote Infants A

2nd – St Augustine’s A

3rd – St Augustine’s - B

Emscote Infants

Speed Stacking (Year 3/4)

1st – St Augustine’s A

2nd – Shrubland A

3rd – Shrubland B


Run the Distance Team (Year 3/4)

1st – St Nicholas A

2nd – St Augustine’s A

3rd – Budbrooke A

St Joseph’s

Run the Distance – Class – year 3

1st – St Nicholas A

2nd – Budbrooke A

3rd – St Anthony’s A

St Anthony’s

Run the Distance – Class – year 4

1st – St Augustine’s A

2nd – Budbrooke A

3rd – Newburgh A


Run the Distance Team (Year 5/6)

1st – Telford A

2nd – St Augustine A

3rd – St Anthony’s A

St Lawrence

Run the Distance – Class – Year 5

1st – St Augustine’s A

2nd – Milverton A

3rd – St Lawrence A

St Lawrence

Run the Distance – Class – Year 6

1st Telford Junior A

2nd – Priorsfield A

3rd – Milverton A

St Augustine’s

Ball Skills (year 5/6)

1st – Milverton A

2nd – Budbrooke A

3rd – Clinton A


KS2 Panathlon – Competition4U

1st – Priorsfield A

2nd – St Augustine’s A

3rd – Priorsfield B

Priorsfield A

KS Archery – Competition4U

1st – Priorsfield A

2nd – Priorsfield B

3rd – St Augustine’s A

Priorsfield A

You Skip Challenge 7th-18th June 2021

All children at Budbrooke have been given skipping ropes and a You Skip pupil passport ready for their fortnight of skipping fun. They will be able to follow a variety of skipping challenges at school and at home aimed at improving their skipping, and many other life skills.

Dan the Skipping Man along with the Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership have set the challenges- which will be the single bounce challenge, double bounce challenge and a run challenge and for each challenge there will be the chance to earn bronze, silver or gold.

There will also be a variety of tricky skipping challenges for confident skippers to challenge themselves with as well as some supportive challenges for those that are new to skipping.

To encourage whole school engagement there will be a variety of flash challenges:

  • Look out for my skipping video on the school facebook page.
  • Look out for videos and photos of staff joining in.
  • Wednesday 16th June– we need photos of Budbrooke families joining in so please email me photos of you all skipping to l@welearn365.com
  • Thursday 17th June- The Big Skip at 2pm where the challenge is to get everybody at school skipping at the same time!

Schools completing all four challenges will be entered into a PRIZE DRAW and will have the opportunity to earn a gold medal so the more children participating the better!

You can see more details and links on the Well Being Ambassadors/ School Sport section on the school website.

Enjoy your skipping,

Mr Brereton

Well Being Ambassador's Bowls Challenges

With the Commonwealth Games Bowls competition being held in Leamington in 2022 we have joined forces with Bowls England and the Commonwealth Games for our new exciting Well Being Ambassador challenge. 

The Year 5/6 WBAs have designed a challenge booklet for all children at Budbrooke to have a go at at home and in school with everyone who takes part being rewarded with a certificate.

The Bowls challenges are:

-Bowls Wordsearch – Can you find the missing word?

-Design a Kit Challenge – Choose a country and design your own kit

-Aim Challenge – How many skittles can you knock over?

-Target Challenge – How many times can you get the ball into the target?

-W.B.A Acrostic poem competition- write an acrostic poem for Lawn Bowls for the chance to win a prize.


To support these active challenges, we have bought every child a tennis ball for them to use to see how many skittles they can knock over and how many times they can hit the target.

There will also be phase group prizes for the best kit design as well as an overall prize for the highest scoring school in the Bowls challenges.

When you have finished your challenges hand your booklet in to your teacher by Wednesday 23rd June.

Enjoy taking part in the bowls challenges,

Mr Brereton and the Well Being Ambassadors



PE Sport Update

Active April

Well done to all the school staff and children who took part in the Active April Challenge to see how many kilometres Budbrooke Primary School could travel during the month of April.

There were lots of fantastic distances travelled in a variety of ways such as peaceful countryside walks including “yoga stops”, adventurous bike rides, long distance park runs, obstacle courses and scootering.


Budbrooke Classes





































Number of children taking part  - 60                                  

Average distance per pupil











Total distance travelled –      332 km















Are you interested in playing cricket?

Check out the great opportunities at local clubs who are running Cricket All Stars and Cricket Dynamos clubs.

See posters attached for more details.

Active April

Can Budbrooke be the Central Warwickshire School who travels the furthest in April?

Can the staff travel further than the children?

Budbrooke Primary School has signed up to take part in the exciting #Active April challenge to see how many kms the school can travel during the month of April.

The challenge, organised by Central Warwick School Sport Partnership (CWSSP), will also see whether the children can travel further than the staff and other schools in the central Warwick area.

Each week you will need to log the amount of kilometres your child has covered by marching, walking, cycling, running etc by clicking on the Microsoft Forms link for their class and complete the details required.

Pine- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UOUIzOTExMFlIWUc2MElTVFZRVFpPMVRDNi4u

Beech- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UMVRHOTFNQzNHSE5XWVU4NVJTUUZMV0dWUC4u

Elm- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UQzlEWDI4NklPRTY0RVFKUEoyUlJaQjhOTC4u

Holly- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UMlpIM1JGT1FCOFlDNU1FSkpGVDc3N09YNC4u  

Chestnut- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UNVVKMlg1VDU0MzY2MEI3WkQ4TzY2WjQwRC4u

Cherry- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UOVYwQUM4SUY2UkxBTkVVOVhIQVQxNU5RNS4u

Apple- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5URERLSFpMT0lTUlVMVjhKNkQ1QUc1OFo5UC4u

The distance can be measured on a fitness tracker or by knowing how far a distance is by looking on a mapping website. Remember to be honest (one of the School Games Values) Photos of the children being active can also be emailed to brereton.l@welearn365.com

We will then be able to see which is the most active class/house group and which member of staff at the school can travel the furthest.

Every week CWSSP will create a leader board to see how Budbrooke is fairing against the other schools.

Final results will then be displayed on 5th May with awards being given for furthest distance travelled per school for primary pupils and staff.

Good luck and enjoy being active,

Mr Brereton


Update 24.02.21

Budbrooke Well Being Ambassadors' 'Well Being Journey'

Congratulations to all, adults and children, who completed Budbrooke’s Well Being Ambassadors  “Well-Being Journey”.

It was great to get lots of positive feedback about how the activities organised by the children have helped to  promote health and well-being. There is still time to have a go at the activities (see the attached poster which shows a variety of fun, creative activities for you to participate in, all starting with the letters in “Well-Being”)

There are prizes for the most engaged school so the Well-Being Ambassadors are inviting all children, parents and staff at school to have a go at the activities. You can have a go at them and then complete the form at:

https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-hEVTLm6ekOhnanlPyn9sPTSb9ZFOulFvZLASy_LYq5UQUxTSTZLTFJETTcxNkpOU1NJOTRKTjcxWC4u   to show which activities you have done.

You can also take photos/videos of you enjoying the activities and then upload them to the homework task page on School Spider.

We look forward to seeing your photos or videos showing you being active and happy.

Enjoy the activities 


The Learning & Discovery Festival is part of the Inclusion 2020 project set up by the Youth Sport Trust (YST), which focuses on inspiring children - with or without SEND - to play and enjoy unified sport together, and challenge attitude and perceptions of disabilities.

This festival is open to all primary school-aged children and they are ideal activities to get the whole Budbrooke family involved whether at home or at school.

There are 4 different activities outlined in the resource cards attached to engage with, each have a video and instructions

Athletics – Obstacle Relay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzd_A3nMX3I&feature=youtu.be 

Badminton – Target Grid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dimlLTZkPxw&feature=youtu.be 

New Age Kurling – Slide To Score https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrm5mMiRu9Y&feature=youtu.be 

Sitting Volleyball – Keepy Uppy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjeXjKk7OQA&feature=youtu.be 

Once children have completed them there is a short survey to complete (within the resource attached).


The small school, large school and the infant school with the most individual entries by the closing date of Friday 26th March will win an inclusive kit bag that will help the school deliver their own learning and discovery festivals in the future.

A-Z Sports Challenge U-Z

The A-Z sports challenge is back and can be completed by children at school or at home. Why not have a go at these exciting activities (see resources at the bottom of the page)

Update 10.02.21



This Thursday is inline skating! You will need a ball, some pieces of paper and one item of the following colours: red, green, yellow, blue! You can join the session here at 5pm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkTKq7jDFQY&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=YouthSportTrust

A-Z Sports Challenge P-T

The A-Z sports challenge is back and can be completed by children at school or at home. Why not have a go at these exciting activities (see resources at the bottom of the page)

 Can you beat your personal best? 


 Update 03.02.21

Hello Active/Sports fans,

Please find below information about:

  • #CWHealthySelfie CAMPAIGN FEBRUARY 2021
  • A-Z Active Challenge M-O
  • Chance to be part of an online world record!
  • Well Being Ambassador's Spring Challenge



Central Warwickshire School Sports Partnership are super excited to be launching their #CWHealthySelfie campaign which is running throughout February. They are encouraging people to upload a photo or video of themselves doing something which helps with their health and wellbeing. This could be an individual selfie, with their class bubble (including staff!) or with their household. (Please follow government guidelines).

This video https://youtu.be/PcjKNx2zEPI and the attached flyers show ideas of activities people could do eg. walking, playing board games, colouring, sea swimming, having a healthy meal. 

Posts to twitter should tag @CWSchoolSport #CWHealthySelfie #GoTeamCW

Posts to Facebook should tag Central Warwickshire Sports Partnership #CWHeathySelfie #GoTeamCW

It will be great to see as many children from Budbrooke taking part.

At the beginning of March posts with the correct tags will also be entered into a prize draw to win one of 2 £10 amazon vouchers (one prize for solo selfie and one for group selfie i.e. bubble/household).

A-Z Sports Challenge M-O

The A-Z sports challenge is back and can be completed by children at school or at home. Why not have a go at these exciting activities (see resources at the bottom of the page)

 Can you beat your personal best? 

There will be more challenges next week!



This Thursday is aquatics! You will need 4 cushions, a hat or cap, goggles or sunglasses and some socks! You can join the session here at 5pm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJk22hzrnK4&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=YouthSportTrust



A football chain world record is currently trying to be achieved. If you want to be involved, please watch this link https://fb.watch/3gYsHqzNkb/ 

Well Being Ambassador's Spring Challenge

Budbrooke's Well Being Ambassadors have been challenged to set up activities to improve health and well being. They will be organising a Well Being Journey which will include different activities beginning with the letters in 'Well-Being'.

Watch this space for more details! 

Active Home Links/resources

For information about the many ways you can be active at home, please find the links and useful resources in the files at the bottom of the page. They include Real PE at Home (children have login details already), Youth Sport Trust 60 second challenges, Youth Sport trust After School clubs, Joe Wicks workout among many more. 

Active fun for all the family!

Enjoy being active :) 

Online Chance to Shine Cricket session - 

This week’s session will be on Wednesday 27 January at 2-2.45PM. It will be a Super Striker session, improving pupils' ball-striking skills.

The activities can be completed indoors and to take part you will need:

Something to hit with, like a bat, a frying pan or a hardback book

4 items to use as targets, something that won't break like plastic cups or empty tubs

A ball or a rolled up pair of socks

A wall to rebound your ball against with safe space around it

This week’s session will also feature the opportunity to do some pairs work as well if there is another person to do so with (but this isn’t a requirement and the activities can all be completed solo).

The session will be streamed on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/btflr02RzmE.


More Useful Active Links:

Please find below more links to activities you can have a go at at home.

Youth Sport Trust Activity Cards https://www.youthsporttrust.org/free-resources

YST's after school club videos from 2020 are also available on their YouTube channel

King Edward Sports Partnership which are accessible to everyone 

Primary https://www.kessp.com/page/?title=PE+at+Home&pid=45

Olympic R​esources https://www.getset.co.uk/resources


Commonwealth Daily Mile https://www.birmingham2022.com/united/community-projects/the-daily-mile-commonwealth-challenge/


Well Being Ambassadors

Autumn Challenge

Budbrooke's Well-Being Ambassadors - Ellen, Mia (Yr6) and Alfie, Rehan, Lucy, Lillibee (Yr 5) have been given the task to plan and deliver a variety of well-being activities to help the children and teachers have fun, be active and understand the benefits of social, emotional and physical well-being. They will then be able to present their project to all the Well-Being Ambassadors in the Central Warwickshire region.

The children and teachers across the phase bubbles at Budbrooke will be completing these activities in school but children and adults can also have a go at them at home.

The active activities are....


  1. Daily Exercises- see attached video and poster.

You can upload photos of families doing the exercises to the Well Being Ambassadors/School Sport page on the school website.

  1. Marathon Kids/Daily Mile.


You can go out for a run/brisk jog or walk around your local area and then either see how long it takes you to run a mile or set up a circuit and see how many laps you can do.  You can then see if you can beat your personal best each time.


Many thanks and enjoy being active 😊


Mr Brereton


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