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Year 3 - Chestnut 2022 - 2023

Mr Jones

Mr Jones

Welcome to Chestnut's class page!

Mr Jones

This year we are looking forward to many interesting topics. This half term we will be exploring the world of the Romans with are new topic Emperors and Empires.The Emperors and Empires topic will have a History theme and will allow the children to imagine being blasted into Roman Britain.

In the Emperors and Empires project, your child will learn about the growth and decline of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. They will discover the absolute power of the Roman emperors and study the hierarchies of Roman society and the Roman army. They will study the first invasions of Britain in 55 and 54 BC and the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. They will learn about Boudicca’s rebellion, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romanisation of Britain, including how Christianity came to Britain and investigate the legacy of Roman Britain in their local area.


P.E days: Wednesday and Friday. Please could children keep a drawstring bag containing their P.E. kit in school so they can change into their P.E. kit on the relevant days. 

Make sure that children come in with their library books if they have taken them home.

Spelling book and Homework books must be in bags on Wednesdays.


Home learning expectations

Homework and Spelling day: Wednesday

Chestnut are practicing our 3 and 4 times tables. Practice in this are will be very useful. Purple Mash is a great resource to help you with this. Any problems with this let Mr Jones know.

It is always paramount that Children have an enjoyment of reading. Children should be read to and encouraged to read independently. Children should be encouraged to read a variety of genres inculding non-fiction.


Further ways to support

A great way to support your children with times tables   https://www.timestables.co.uk/

Purple Mash login: Google welearn365 - use the scroll down option and scroll to Budbrooke Primary School - login using childs computing login  - Select Purple Mash option.



Any bit of reading you can do with your child will be hugely benficial. The following link will take you to a list of great books that are recommended for year 3 aged children: https://shop.scholastic.co.uk/books-for-children-aged-7-to-8  

This link will take you to a website that will suggest alternative options if your child enjoys one particular author or genre of book: https://www.booksfortopics.com/booklists/branching-out/

Whilst it is great when a child finds an author or genre that they love, it is also important that they branch out and try alternative authors or genres. The guide above will help you make suggestions for your child to try, based on what they know they already love. 


Chestnut Spotlight

Chestnut have had a really fun start to this half term. They have enjoyed visiting Budbrooke's very own Roman Museum (Made by Mr Jones and Miss Foster) and have set their own investigation using force meters. It has been lovely to see their curiosity of this topic shine!









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