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Ms Foreman

Ms Foreman

IMG_5948.JPGOur topic for this term is 'Maafa' which means 'great catastrophe' in Swahili.This project teaches children about Africa past and present, with a particular focus on Benin. It traces the development of the slave trade and explores Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora.



diaspora - dispersing groups of people to other parts of the world

emancipation - freedom from restrictions

slavery - being owned by another person and forced to work without payment


Our class text for this term is 'The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis.

Lion Witch Wardrobe.jpg








PE days will be Monday and Friday. Please have your PE kit in school. 

Home learning and spellings are set on Thursday and are due back on Tuesday. Please complete your English or maths work at home, fill in your reading diary at lease once a week and find time to practise your weekly spellings. An overview of this term's spellings is attached.

Ensure you have a water bottle and a coat in school every day.


Other ways to help at home:

Here are a selection of websites which can help you and your children.

Maths Frame

(Some games are subscription only, but there are plenty of free games and activities to help you practise maths skills)

Corbett Maths Primary

This is a great website as it has lots of short videos which explain key maths concepts and have lots of practice questions to try.

Spelling Frame

Again, some subscription access only games, but there are some free games/word lists which allow you to practise your spellings in lots of different ways.

The School Run

This has lots of information for parents which explains useful terminology.


Children should be encourged to have an enjoyment of reading.  They can use their imagination and lose themselves in a book. Therefore, there should be time at home each day for children to be read to and to read independently. They should be encouraged to read a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction and poetry and asked questions about what they are reading. This will develop their predicton, inference, summarising skills as well as improving their knowledge of vocabulary.  Below is a link to a list of recommended books for Year 6.

Recommended reading list Year 6


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