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At Budbrooke Primary School we take great care to plan and teach the children how to stay safe in the on-line world and how to use technology responsibly.

The safety of our children is of paramount importance to everyone in the school and something that we monitor and review continuously. Staff members are acutely aware of the necessity in educating pupils about both the benefits and dangers children potentially face when using the Internet in their day-to-day lives. As a school, we promote our SMART rules as much as possible to educate pupils on how to stay safe online. Furthermore, Online Safety is embedded into our Computing cirriculum and is an extremely important aspect of all we do in the Computing Suite. If the children ever need any information then they can always look at the Online Safety display in our Computing Suite.


The SMART Rules are:

Safe. Keep your personal information safe

Meet. Meeting someone that you only know from online is very dangerous.

Accepting. Think carefully before you click or open anything.

Reliable. Do not trust everything you see online.

Tell. If you are every worried about anything online make sure you tell an adult you trust.

Remember to always be smart with a heart by being kind and respectful to others
online. Make the internet a better place by helping your friends if they are worried or
upset by anything that happens online.



In addition, the links below contain useful information and can signpost you to further external organisations to answer questions or offer support with online safety concerns.


Online Safety leaflets



A parent's guide 6-11



Online Safety tips for parents 0-5



Online Safety tips 11-13



Digital resiliance 6-10





If you are worried about online sexual abuse or the way that someone has been communicating with you or with your child online make a report to Child Explotation and Online Protection (CEOP) using the link below: 

CEOP Report Form




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