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At Budbrooke Primary School we take great care to plan and teach the children how to stay safe in the on-line world and how to use technology responsibly.

The safety of our children is of paramount importance to everyone in the school and something that we monitor and review continuously. Staff members are acutely aware of the necessity in educating pupils about both the benefits and dangers children potentially face when using the Internet in their day-to-day lives. In Budbrooke, we are proud to promote our SMART rules. These rules keep us stay safe online and helps us fully understand the dangers that we can face. These rules are not just promoted in the Computing suite but can be found in every classroom and are integrated into the Online Safey module of our Computing Curriculum. 

Stay Safe by keeping your personal information private.

Meeting people that you only know online is dangerous. Only do so with your parents/carer's permission and support

Accepting emails, messages and links from people that you do not know or trust can lead to problems

Reliable. Not everything on the internet is reliable. Make sure the websites you are using can be trusted.

Tell. If you ever have any problems or doubts on-line make sure you tell a trusted adult.



As a reminder, parents have free access to https://warwickshire.onlinesafetyhub.uk/ as part of our Digital Safeguarding subscription.  There is a lot of useful information for you there, including information on setting parental controls, app and game reviews, and blog posts about the latest things to be aware of in the online world.  

In addition, parents have access to a Warwickshire County Council Online Safeguarding Work Shop that provides information on digital wellbeing and safety.  See files for PowerPoint.


As part of our Digital Safeguarding subscription, Budbrooke Primary School now have access to the Smoothwall Online Safety Hub. Smoothwall’s Online Safety Hub is designed to give you and the school staff the knowledge and confidence to speak to children about safe digital behaviours.


It’s a central place where you can find out about key online safety topics or request articles from safeguarding experts, of your own choosing. It also gives you the access to up to date digital safety information, app reviews from digital safety experts, and in-depth information on popular social media and gaming platforms.

Access the Online Safety Hub here: https://warwickshire.onlinesafetyhub.uk/


In addition to this, you can also sign up for a free Qustodio account at https://www.qustodio.com, which gives you the ability to monitor two household devices for the year (including a 30 day premium trial). 

Qustodio sign up link: https://www.qustodio.com/en/30-days-school-special/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=parentsessionsuk



Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders take Online Safety very seriously. They have spent their time planning and implementing ways to keep everyone aware of how they can stay safe. This has included special online safety leaflets sold at the Christmas Fair and an assembly that raised awreness for Safer Internet Day.


If you are worried about online sexual abuse or the way that someone has been communicating with you or with your child online make a report to Child Explotation and Online Protection (CEOP) using the link below: 

CEOP Report Form



Furthermore, we urge you to visit the links below on how to keep your children safe. They contain useful information and can signpost you to further external organisations to answer questions or offer support with online safety concerns.


Conversations with your children:

It’s important, not only to know what your child is doing online, but to also engage in conversations with them about staying safe on the Internet. This link from the NSPCC offers advice on how to begin the conversation with your child and what to do if you're worried about online safety.



The following link from CEOP offers useful parental advice on keeping children safe on the Internet. It includes social media advice, account age restrictions and how to delete an account.





A great link for all things Online Safety.



Online Safety tips for ages 0-5.



Online Safety tips for ages 5-10



Online Safety tips for ages 11-13



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