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Welcome to History at Budbrooke! 

Immersive learning in History. 

To bring History to life, we try to incorporate trips and visitors into our curriculum. In December, years 3 and 4 were visited by Eden from the History Squad, who lead a workshop about our topic, 1066. We learnt about the timeline up to 1066 and the different groups of people who invaded England during this time. 

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to handle some replica armour and weaponry and Eden told us the history and rationale behind what was used during the battles of 1066. We were also exceptionally lucky to be given the opportunity to handle a spear head which was around 1,600 years old!

The children showed real confidence when performing at the front as William the Conqueror and Harold Godwinson. Everyone was really curious and asked lots of exciting questions.


Pupil voice - what do our pupils think about History?

"We learn about the past and how it is different to the way we live now."

"Our trip to Warwick Castle in year 3 really helped us to learn about history."

"We took part in a history workshop which was good as we learnt a lot and saw and held spears and swords."

"I like history because we learn things like ‘Viking’ actually means attack."

"We learn new things about what happened in the past."

"Teachers always find a way to help us learn in fun ways."


Useful websites to support your child. 


Local history activities and events. 

If your child is particularly inspired by history, the Warwick Market Hall Musuem has a wealth of exhibits linked to local history (and it's free to enter!): https://heritage.warwickshire.gov.uk/visit-us/market-hall-museum-1/1

Did you know that Dippy the famous dinosaur from the Natural History Museum in London is spending the next 3 years at the Herbet Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry? Tickets range from free-£15. https://dippyincoventry.co.uk/ 

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