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At Budbrooke Primary School, we hope our children will develop their scientific knowledge and skills through carefully planned, exciting Science opportunities, through embedded and topical science sessions. Links to embed previous learning and deepen understanding are planned in. With each new topic, previous learning is considered and built upon to promote progression across year groups. We aim to support children to develop an understanding of the process and methods of Science by providing a range of Scientific enquiries, investigations and questions to help them explore the world around them. We promote children to develop their own questions and methods when investigating Scientific phenomenon, to develop children’s enquiry skills. We hope to develop and nurture our children’s curiosity by not only following the National Curriculum, but providing additional opportunities to help follow their questions and interests. By providing these opportunities, we hope to develop an enjoyment, and appreciation of the Sciences.


Cornerstones is used as our key resource for teaching across the curriculum. It provides exciting and engaging topic-based lessons for the children to explore science, and covers all of the national curriculum objectives.

At Budbrooke, we run a science week each year where Science is the primary focus. In addition, we run a Science club where we celebrate children’s scientific creativity. 

At Budbrooke we have a science lab which children and staff can use for scientific enquiry. The lab has a wealth of resources to aid with demonstrations and investigations. It is also a space where work is displayed and celebrated.

Children also have the opportunity to take a leadership role and join the eco-council. The Eco-Councillors help with litter picking, planting flowers and trees, and promote a positive school-wide approach to keeping the school environmentally friendly.


The impact of our curriculum design will lead to good progress over time. Children should leave school having met the expected -age related expectations for Science. Through the continual access to science, the excitement of science week, and use of the science lab, children should develop a love of science. They will continue to be inspired to be future scientists. This will be measured through pupil discussions, monitoring of work and feedback from science week itself. 


Science Week 10-19th March 2023

We have been celebrating Science Week in school, which is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths taking place between 10-19th March. Each class has enjoyed participating in different science experiments, from building roofs with a focus on waterproof materials to looking at eyes and light and the impact that has sight. At the end of the week, we had an assembly sharing our experiments with the rest of our school. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!   



If you would like to support your child's science learning at home, here are some useful links: 

KS1 BBC Bitesize Science

KS2 BBC Bitesize Science

Natural History Museum

NASA Kids Club


Science Investigation Club

Miss Thorpe has ran a science club over Spring term for year 1/2 and year 3/4 children. We have really enjoyed looking at a range of different experiements, writing sciencific predictions and explanations! 


Pupil Voice - what do the children at Budbrooke Primary School think of Science?

"We dissected a pig's heart, which was disgusting but I loved it!"

"I feel like a scientist when we conduct, record and discuss science experiments!"

"I enjoy learning about how my body works and the life that exists on Earth."

"It's great to participate in scientific experiments!"

"I enjoy our class discussions and learning about really interesting topics!"

"I've loved our learning about solids, liquids and gases. I've learnt so much I never knew before!"

"I like science because we learn about natural and the things around us."

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