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School Closures

If for any reason, such as bad weather, we have to shut the school, we will try to ensure that it is announced as soon as the decision has been taken on the following:-

Mercia Radio 97/102.9 FM
BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 94.8/103.7/104 FM
Warwickshire School Closure Website
This website

Over the summer the local authority have developed a new school closures notification system for parents. This will enable parents to find out quickly and easily if for any reason the school has to shut eg bad weather. The new system will:

  • Enable the local authority to send text messages to parents faster.
  • Allow parents to subscribe via a text message rather than filling out a hefty form on the internet.
  • Place no limit on the amount of schools a parent can subscribe to.

The new system only takes 30 seconds to sign up to via text and will automatically send out a closure alert once a school has notified us via the emergency closure line.

How do parents subscribe to the new system:
Text ‘Schclosures 9372329 ON’ to 07950 081082

How do parents unsubscribe from the new system:
Text ‘Schclosures 9372329 OFF’ to 07950 081082

More information is available on the school closure page www.warwickshire.gov.uk/schoolclosures.

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