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After School Clubs - Autumn 1


French Club - Miss Fletcher

Bienvenue à French Club! 

French club is the place to practise your language skills. We have lots of fun learning French songs, practising new phrases and trying out our new skills in conversations. So far, we have learnt to introduce ourselves and to speak about our pets and we’ll build on these conversations each week.  

Football 5/6 - Mr Brereton

The children have already started developing their football control, passing, shooting and team work skills in a variety of fun training drills. It has been great to see all the club members promote a supportive club ethos where all abilities are welcome. 


Netball - Miss Retter

On a Monday afternoon, children in years three and four are challenged to develop their strategic and tactical knowledge in the ball game Netball. 

Netball focuses on a wide range of cognitive, personal, and physical skills including interception, agility, and speed. These skills can be transferred into other sporting contexts such as basketball, football, and dance, where as their ability to improve their strategic and tactical skills can aid their academic learning as well by developing logic.

Creative KS2 - Miss Chadwick

Choir - Miss Woods

Our school choir club runs every Monday from 3.20pm – 4.20pm. We begin with vocal warm ups then select from a range of songs to learn using different vocal techniques. We will hopefully be able to perform some of these songs to various audiences at a later date – so watch this space!



Badmington - Mr Jones

Do you want to learn a new sport? Badminton is a delightful sport that can be enjoyed by all levels of skill. Badminton club enjoys a wide variety of abilities and welcomes anybody who wants to join. We play fun games, interesting drills, and competitive games so there is something for everyone. 

Library - Mrs Lambert

Library club promotes a love of reading. We spend time enjoying a range of genres, within fiction, non-fiction and poetry. There are plenty of opportunities to recommend fascinating reads and take suggestions from others. Each library club member is trained to use the filming, lighting and green screen equipment and this is used to create short reading performances as a group as well as individually. Researching engaging topics through reading is also encouraged, exploring a range of information texts in our 'Research Studio' and presenting our new knowledge to others in the group. 

Science KS1 - Miss Osborn

Science club is an exciting and hands-on club that promotes scientific thinking for children in Key Stage 1. Children have the opportunity to make predictions, set up simple enquiries and make conclusions about their findings. The experiments range from extracting colours from sweets, making slime and constructing an exploding volcano! The children are encouraged to consider the science behind each experiment, providing excellent learning opportunities that complement the school curriculum. They are also encouraged to work as a team, collaborate and have fun!

Creative KS1 - Miss Carroll

Creative club is a club led by Miss Carroll where key stage 1 currently have the opportunity to showcase their skills and develop new ideas through a range of art techniques. From decorating scarecrows, making creative critters and painting with water colours, the group really has had a magnificent start.

All of the children enjoy working alongside other classes to explore and discover different materials. The club is very practical and it is amazing to see the smile on the proud children’s faces as they complete their artwork each session.

Here we are recreating the famous ‘Starry Night’ Painting by Vincent van Gogh.




Mindfulness - Mrs Smith

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