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After School Clubs - Spring 1


Dance - Miss Carroll - KS1

Many children in Ks1 have been taking part in dance club this half term. We have been working together to develop flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. Through fun warm up games, we have challenged ourselves to beat personal bests and move to a range of rhythms.  

We have been working on a dance to ‘Dance Monkey by Tones and I’ and I have been amazed at the steps contributed by the children. Dance club has allowed all members to be more creative and to express themselves in many ways. By encouraging creativity and imagination, children learn to build trust, effective relationships, and how to think critically. 

In a very fun and supportive environment the children have had opportunities to socialise and create sequences with others, to advise ways to adapt moves and to work as a big team when creating our ‘show dance’.

We are hoping with a little more practice and confidence - we will be ready to perform to the rest of KS1 next week!!

Dance 1.jpgDance 2.jpgDance 3.jpgDance 4.jpg


Sewing - Miss Fletcher - KS2

Tag Rugby - Miss Retter - Year 3 & 4

Football - Mr Brereton - Year 5 & 6

Football club has been extremely popular this term. The children have been developing their passing and moving skills, attacking and defending as a team and shooting accurately. The sessions have seen some fantastic tackling, wonderful goals and saves as well as a lot of supportive team work. These skills and values will be great to see when playing in forthcoming matches against other schools. 




Board Games.jpg   Board Games - Mrs Medlock - KS2

We’ve explored lots of different games in Board Games Club so far. We’ve played the classics - dominoes, Scrabble and Snakes & Ladders - and the contemporary - Where’s Wally, Cranium and even Granny’s Knickers - plus quick-fire rounds of Jenga, Shut the Box and Top Trumps.

Our focus is on having fun while learning from each other, channelling our competitive spirit into good gameplay and perfecting our sharing and team-working skills. 

And there are still so many games left to try!



Film Club - Mr Jones - KS1

Craft Club - Miss Righton - KS1


Friday Lunchtime

Cheerleading.JPG Cheerleading - Mrs Montgomery - KS2

This half term we have been learning basic arm movements and have worked in small groups to create some fantastic chants that we enjoyed performing to each other. We have also started a routine that includes a range of dance and cheerleading movements.

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