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At Budbrooke Primary School we now have established Digital Leaders consisting of pupils and staff. We have 2 representatives from each year group, whose job it is to keep the rest of the school informed and up to date when it comes to Online safety.

It is vital that children remain safe and secure while using Information Technology. E-Safety is a major focus; not only within our pupils' computing, but right across the curriculum. 

We teach our pupils how to use technology safely and responsibly - both within, and outside of school. Digital Leaders can also offer technical support and help in computing lessons.

The Role of a Digital Leader is to:

  • Ensure computing suite is tidied after computing lessons
  • Keep a computing work log book up to date with work or pictures from you class lessons
  • Maintenance of Ipads
  • Create computing displays for each year group
  • Making decisions to develop our school’s online safety policy
  • Showing resilience and perseverance to assist others with new technologies
  • Create and develop online or whole computing projects to support and promote our school
  • Be in control of the Computing Evidence Books
  • Represent Budbrooke at Open Days.

The Digital Leaders have already been very busy this year. We have implemented a Computing Evidence Book for every year that will help each class evidence their Computing lessons. Each leader has been trained to create one page per lesson to show off what they have been learning in Computing. This will help Budbrooke show progression throughout the different year groups. Furthermore, our Digital Leaders have already created online saftey posters for the school which aim to provide information that is accessiable to everyone.

This term the Digital Leaders are working hard to promote E Safety. We are planning many wonderful things to make sure that everyone in the school is aware of how dangerous the online space can be. One of those ideas was to create a bake sale that would act as an awareness campaighn for Online Saftey. Another idea was to create an Online Safety Awreness Day for the school, whereby everyone could come into school wearing computer themed non-school uniform.


The Digital Leaders have been very busy already this year. We have discussed what we want to achieve and what our roles within school are. We have already come up with lots of brilliant ideas and our aim will be to raise money to fund new computing equipment that will benefit everyone!

Digital Leaders have also put a lot of effort into creating online safety posters that will be displayed in the Computing Suite to help keep everyone advised on how to navigate the online world safely.


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