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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

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Year 1

Ella and Bea

Year 2

Wilbur and Florence

Year 3

Hattie and Eli

Year 4

Rosie and Stanley

Year 5

Corey and Maise

Year 6

Sophia and Jacob


At Budbrooke Primary School we now have established Digital Leaders consisting of pupils and staff. We have 2 representatives from each year group, whose job it is to keep the rest of the school informed and up to date when it comes to Online safety.

It is vital that children remain safe and secure while using Information Technology. E-Safety is a major focus; not only within our pupils' computing, but right across the curriculum. 

We teach our pupils how to use technology safely and responsibly - both within, and outside of school. Digital Leaders can also offer technical support and help in computing lessons.

Our digital leaders have been working incredibly hard this week to produce some fantastic, informative posters that are being displayed around school to remind children about how to stay safe online.


We have included links to some useful websites, please take a look:







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