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Eco Committee

Eco Committee

Led by Miss Carroll, Mrs James and Mrs Del Rio 

Eco Council is a group of children who meet each month to discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within school which prepares children to live their future lives with consideration for global issues. Our Eco Council would like to work on keeping our environment clean and tidy. 

Each fortnight the council will meet and we will discuss key targets that as a school we would like to work on. 

This half term the children have decided to explore food waste in our school.


Our leadership team

Year 1 - Ana and Jack 

Year 2 -  Riley and Josh

Year 3 - Leo and Tabitha

Year 4 - Lilly and Thomas

Year 5 - Elissa and Verity

Year 6 - Emelia and Dylan


Eco Committee- Autumn term Update 2022

Eco Council have come together to create a new job description and action plan. We aim to prioritise our playgrounds this term and have a huge focus on leaves and litter and we are working hard to encourage the whole school to participate when keeping our environment a safe and cleaner place.

This half term we have met to set ourselves some new targets. We decided that we will;

  1. Meet fortnightly to complete 25% of green flag
  2. Continue tidying and collect leaves from the playground



Hampton Trove Link

After  successful visit to Hampton Trove last Summer we aim to oragnise a second trip for this term. We were very impressed to see that they are working hard to protect the environment and help the new home owners. We found that they plant bee friendly flowers to attract wildlife to their site and they have duel heating systems in all houses to save on the amount of energy needed.


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