Welcome to Budbrooke Primary School

The School Day

A normal day at Budbrooke Primary School

8.45am - School Starts

Children will be welcomed into school by their class teachers from the following playgrounds:

Pine Class - Reception Playground

Elm Class - Year 1/2 Playground

Beech Class - Year 1/2 Playground

Chestnut Class - Year 3/4 Playground

Holly Class - Year 3/4 Playground

Cherry Class - Year 5/6 Playground

Redwood Class - Year 5/6 Playground

If your child is late please report to the school office to provide a reason for the lateness, this makes sure that we are aware that they are in school.


8.50am - Morning classes begin

10.30am - Morning break (15 minutes)

12.00pm - Reception Lunchtime (1 hour)

12.15pm - KS1/KS2 Lunchtime (1 hour)

1.15pm - Afternoon classes begin

3.15pm - End of the school day (Reception and KS1 - Years 1 and 2)

3.20pm - End of the school day (KS2 - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)


Total School Hours per Week

Rec/KS1 32hrs 5mins

KS2 32hrs 30mins


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